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Maurcio Lima


MauricioLima: Populationbiology, time series analysis, capture-mark-recapture statistical models,population model with age structure and stage structure, complex dynamicalsystem (chaos), impacts of climate change (mainly focused on rainfall). Dr.Lima mainly researchers small mammals in South America (especially Chile) andhis studies make conclusions about how climate change effects populations andbehaviour, density-dependence in population dynamics, and system feedbacks. From his research, it is demonstrated the influence of NAO index on the population dynamicsand spatial synchrony of aphids, and the relationship between the two. Researchresults find out that most of them are nonlinear. To be more specific, the keyelements determining population fluctuations in green spruce aphid populationsare non-linear feedback structure, high potential for population growth andweather condition in winter and next spring.  

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