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Yan Xie


Yan Xie is an associate research professor in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She was Secretary General, ISZS (2004–2013), China Country Program Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) (2005–1012), and Coordinator of Biodiversity Studies under the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (1994–2005). With 19 years experience in biodiversity conservation, her work influences Chinese policy and also brings conservation awareness to the public. Her efforts in issuing a comprehensive National Protected Area Law has had a great impact in China. She spent over ten years to develop the China Species Information Service (CSIS, www.baohudi.org), which has become the most important information center for biodiversity in China. She led the significant initiative for developing the China Species Redlist that evaluated over 10,000 species. She has published important books such as A Guide to the Mammals of China (2008), Bio-invasion and China’s Bio-security (2008), andBiodiversity Atlas of China (2009). In 2004, she started developing ISZS and Integrative Zoology, created in 2006 has indexed in SCI-E in 2010. 

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