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ISZS Membership

Membership to the ISZS is open to any individual or organisation with an interest in animals. There are two categories of membership at ISZS, Institutional and Individual. Currently, the ISZS has over 100 Institutional Members representing over 30 000 zoologists and over 1,000 Individual Members.

Institutional Members are required to pay 500€ per 4-year term and Individual Members 40€ per 4-year term to enjoy the voting rights at the ISZS General Assembly (GA). If voting rights are waived, membership is free. To become a member, please contact Ms Wei Zhang (zhw1104@hotmail.com)

Peruse the links below to learn about membership benefits and how to apply: 

·         Membership benefits

·         Membership categories

·         Application procedure

·         List of our Institutional Members

·         To pay your Membership Dues

·         Feature member this month: the Zoological Society of Southern Africa 

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