ICZ Introduction

The International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) is a global opportunity to showcase interdisciplinary zoological research. ICZ is held every four years at different locations and usually in conjunction with a national zoological society. If you are interested in hosting a Congress please contact the Secretariat.

It was accepted by the GA in Haifa, Israel that the 22nd ICZ will be hosted by the Zoological Society of Japan(ZSJ) in Okinawa, Japan in 2016 and the 23rd ICZ, by the Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA) in Cape Town, South Africa in 2020.

ICZ brings together a range of scientists not only concerned with the science of zoology but also its teaching, ethics, and integration with other disciplines. It usually includes multiple symposia and feature oral and poster presentations.
      ICZ a long history and have taken place across the world:

·         2020 Cape Town, South Africa (XXIII)

·         2016 Okinawa, Japan (XXII)22nd ICZ Summary Report

·         2012 Haifa, Israel (XXI)21st ICZ Summary Report

·         2008 Paris, France (XX): Summary Report

·         2004 Beijing, China (XIX)

·         2000 Athens, Greece (XVIII)

·         1972 Monte Carlo, Monaco (XVII) 

·         1963 Washington, USA (XVI)

·         1958 London, UK (XV)

·         1953 Copenhagen, Denmark (XIV)

·         1948 Paris, France (XIII)

·         1935 Lisbon,Portugal (XII)

·         1930 Padua, Italy (XI)

·         1927 Budapest, Hungary (X)

·         1913 Monaco (IX)

·         1910 Graz, Austria (VIII)

·         1907 Boston, USA (VII)

·         1904 Bern, Switzerland (VI)

·         1901 Berlin, Germany (V)

·         1898 Cambridge, UK (IV)

·         1895 Leiden, The Netherlands (III)

·         1892 Moscow, Russia (II)

·         1889 Paris, France (I)

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