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The 10 th IInternatiionall Symposiium of Integrative Zoology




This year is the 10th anniversary of the International Symposium of Integrative Zoology(ISIZ) and the 10th anniversary of the scientific program of Biological Consequence of Global Change (BCGC), which are hosted by the International Society of Zoological Sciences(ISZS). ISZS was created in 2004, to run the four-year International Congress of Zoology(ICZ), which started in 1889 in France. ISIZ is held annually between the four-year ICZ with a aim to promote international exchange ofresearch development of integrative zoology, cooperation among global zoologists, as well as training to students. The theme of this symposium is "Biological Consequences of Global Change"

It is clear that the creation of the ISZS has made a great contribution to the development of global zoology. During the past 14 years, ISZS has grown rapidly. It currently has 118 Institutional Members(that in turn represent over 30,000 individuals)

and 1119 Individual Members. The ISZS has also successfully organized four ICZs, ten ISIZs, an international program of "Biological Consequences of Global Change"

(BCGC) and has launched an official journal: Integrative Zoology which has become a top 20% SCI-indexed joumal in the field of zoology. Through those activities, the ISZS has become an important global platform for the promotion of and the development of integrative zoology, international collaboration, and training of young scientists.

Our society is facing great challenge from the rapid development of global change, including industrialization, urbanization, climate warming etc. Global change has significantly shaped our ecosystem, and causing serious problems, such as species extinction, biological invasion, disease transmission, pest outbreaks, collapse of ecosystem function and services. There is an urgent need to use integrative approaches to solve these challenges.I appeal for more collaborations among global zoologists to deal with challenges imposed by the rapid global change.

The 10th ISIZ is held toqether with the 2018 World Life Science Conference (2018

WLSC) which is hosted by the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), for details, visit the website: http:/wlsc2018. csi. org. cn. There are two sessions onBCGC organized by ISZS which will be held in the afternoon of Oct.27 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) and the whole day of Oct.30 at the campus of Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Besides, we also edited a virtual issue of Integrative Zoology entitled "Continuing challenges in the study of the biological consequences of global change". This virtual issue of Integrative Zoology commemorates the 10th year of the BCGC program.

On behalf of ISZS,I thank all speakers and participants for your attendance and input to the 10th ISIZ. Please enjoy your attendance to this symposium and your trip in China.


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