The International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit membership-based organization of professionals and aims to promote zoology by improving communication between zoologists and zoological organizations; increase the availability of resources needed to conduct zoological research; and promote co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation between different fields of zoology.

    By representing a broad cross-section of zoologists and other interested in animals, the ISZS provides a unified voice for zoologists across the world while elevating zoology to the global stage. The Society strives to attain a rational and ethically-balanced relationship between humanity and nature.

    The core business of ISZS includes organizing the International Congress of Zoology every four yearsstarted in Paris in 1889, publishing a multidisciplinary scientific journal–Integrative Zoology (SCI-Indexed), organizing International Symposia of Integrative Zoology in non-Congress years, and facilitating international research programs such as Biological Consequences of Biological Sciences (BCGC).

    ISZS currently has 112 insitutional members (whom in turn represent over 30 000 individuals) and 1086 individual members. ISZS members can be found on every continent in the world and they are academies of science, universities, NGOs, nature reserves, zoos and other professional societies.

    ISZS is directed by an executive committee elected during its General Assembly. Administration and program management is carried out by a Secretary General and permanent secretariat based in Beijing.

    ISZS Progress Report (2012-2016)

    ISZS Progress Report 2008-2012.pdf

    ISZS Progress Report-2004-2008.pdf

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    To become an ISZS member or subscribe the journal, please contact:

    ISZS Secretariat Beijing Office

    Address: Room C-506, Institute of Zoology, CAS, 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101, China; Fax: 86-010-64807295; Tel: 86-010-64807295; E-mail: iszs@ioz.ac.cnWebsite:www.globalzoology.org

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