International Society of Zoological Sciences(2016.7.25)

ISZS organized 33 delegates in three symposia: Plant-Animal Interactions, Ecophysiology - Climate change and Biological Consequences of Global Change.  Registration for the 33 ISZS-organized delegates will be free (costs covered by ICZ and ISZS, each paying 50%).  Zhibin ZHANG will give a speech at the ICZ opining on 15 Nov on behalf of ISZS.  The Society’s GA is allocated 2 hours, 1800-2000 on 15 Nov 2016 in Okinawa, Japan.  The EC meeting is scheduled before the banquet on 18 Nov 2016 in Okinawa, Japan.

ISZS EC minutes 2016-Xilinhaote-F.pdf



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