Progress Report 2004-2008

The 2008 ISZS Report outlines the progress made following the laying of foundations for international zoology in Athens in 2000 and confirmation of these in Beijing in 2004. We can now, with some pride, claim the International Society of Zoological Sciences as a fully functioning scientific phenomenon – one of the first such bodies to be established in the 21st Century. It has arisen from a widely acknowledged need to integrate research and education within the many different facets of Kingdom Animalia – and this has been accomplished through re-establishment of links between greatly disparate disciplines within the zoological sciences. Stellar progress has been achieved – initially through the support of a small group of dedicated international visionaries, who helped crystallize vision into reality in Athens eight years ago. More recently, the establishment of the ISZS Secretariat in Beijing has facilitated the transformation of the Society from simply a “Zoological Congress Organizing Committee” to a truly international institution. Inspired leadership within the Secretariat and Executive has provided a new vehicle for outreach, permitting the Society to look outwards, and in particular to provide a much needed “presence of zoological sciences” in developing nations.

ISZS Progress Report-2004-2008.pdf



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