International Society of Zoological Sciences:home and hope for global zoologists

The International Society of Zoological Sciences aims to promote zoology by improving communication between researchers and zoological organizations and facilitate the coordination and collaboration between different fields of zoology. The society operates on thelargest of scales: working across international borders, helping zoologists from every continent connect with and learn from each other. The society has three flagshipprograms through which it achieves this: the societys journal Integrative Zoology, the International Congress of Zoology and online via the website www. globalzoology. org. The qualities and achievementsof Integrative Zoology have been elaborated upon already in this issue, and so will not be done so here; except for extending congratulations to the Editorial Board and the Secretariat for their hard and diligent work.

The upcoming International Congress of Zoology in Paris presents an excellent opportunity for society mem-bers to come together, present their work and discuss the future of their chosen field. The International Society of Zoological Sciences has partnered with a number of French organizations for this Congress. This relationship has been a productive one and the Congress will surely be a memorable event.

The societys website www. globalzoology. org has been live now for three years. It is currently being reviewed and a new suite of exciting services will soon be offered via this site. Our vision is for globalzoology. org to become a leading voice on zoological issues and news.In addition, we hope it will give our members and other interested parties the chance to share information, learn who is working in their region and provide a platform for discussion and debate.

Membership to the society is growing steadily. We now have individual members from over 30 countries, and the number of corporate members joining the society continues to expand. In the last few years the society has been active in hosting and organizing events ranging from training courses, lecture series and the First andSecond International Symposia of Integrated Zoology, in October 2006 and December 2007 respectively. These symposia were established to give members and zoologists the chance to present their work and meet in years when the International Congress of Zoology is not held.The second such symposium attracted over 150 delegates from 24 countries and was very successful. We look forward to forthcoming symposia and believe they will play a critical role in the future development of the society.

It is an exciting time for members of the International Society of Zoological Sciences, and a great time for pro-spective members to join. We would encourage peoplewho are contemplating membership to follow the instructions contained on the application form at the back of this issue. We also would encourage members of our society to submit their original manuscripts to our Integrative Zoology.



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